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Seeking Arrangement review 2022

Seeking Arrangement review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has helped many people have affairs.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Free for woman.
  • There is no maching algorithm. Need to search yourself.

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Seeking Arrangement is a sugar daddy dating website that facilitates matches between attractive men, women, and wealthy benefactors. The service focuses on providing mutually beneficial relationships. The site’s focus is to find committed relationships, but you can also search for intimacy, a caring friendship, or companionship. With Seeking Arrangement, there’s also a place where you can discover ancillary services such as career guidance, help with rent, cosmetic surgery, and much more. However, it is essentially a website where young women and men can meet a sugar daddy or sugar momma that will provide them with mentoring and financial help.

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What is Seeking Arrangement?

This engaging sugar daddy style dating website was created in 2006, and the company soon changed its URL to seeking.com, although the layout and logo remain the same. Seeking Arrangement subverts traditional online dating methods and provides a platform where you can mix pleasure with business. Pretty interesting stuff! The site does well to facilitate both a relationship, as well as other arrangements. Whatever you are, whether you want to take care of someone or be taken care of, this is a niche service that can help their users.

What is Seeking Arrangement?

How does it work?

When you join the website, you can either join as a sugar daddy (or mommy) or a sugar baby. Sugar daddies are mainly modern men with sophisticated tastes who like the glamorous lifestyle. If you are someone who has had numerous exciting experiences and is very wealthy, you will qualify as a sugar daddy. A sugar baby is essentially an attractive member, empowered, independent, and hungry to make relationships.

The website offers a face-to-face dating service, so if you are more interested in talking and discussing fantasy-based roles, you will probably benefit more from other dating websites. Users are provided with many suggestions, and they can also filter results, for instance, to see who has been online recently. Whether you are a free or paid member, you can send a message to anyone who has had their profile photograph approved. This helps to keep the website safe and avoid scammers from joining.

One of our favorite things about the site is how extensive the search functions are. It’s possible to set up a whole number of different filters and options to tailor the results to your needs. For this reason alone, we find it very easy to match up with like-minded individuals that have collective intentions and interests. Search filters range from a distance, location, city, postal code, and the like. However, there are also advanced options available whereby you can search based on height, age, smoking, drinking, hair, educational background, language, and even number of children. If you become a premium member, you will be able to search a user’s net worth, body type, ethnicity, net income, and more.

How does it work?


To register, you need to fill out a form with your personal information. Sugar babies can sign up using their college email address, which will allow them to upgrade to premium for free. An email address will need to be provided to complete the registration process. It is also possible to sign in using Facebook, allowing for excellent integration and an easy process. In fact, the whole preregistration process is very straightforward and will not take you longer than five minutes.

After you reregister, you will need to reveal how much you want your sugar daddy or sugar mommy to spend on you, if you are a sugar baby. If you are the person who wants to find a sugar baby, you will need to disclose your budget. No tricks, no fuss – everybody on the website knows what they’re there for.

Design and usability

We rather like the design of this dating service. It is both minimalist and straightforward. Although there is not much to it, and some may find this annoying, it functions very well. The whole layout suggests that the site will cater to sugar daddy or mommy needs. You don’t necessarily need to be a tech-savvy individual to use this site, making it perfect for an older sugar daddy or mommy. If you browse the website for yourself, you will see that all the essential features are effortless to access. All of the fonts and icons have been designed in a way that is very visible. We do not doubt that you will be able to access the site right away.

The site offers a lot of cool features that can make the experience very enjoyable for its users. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite features.

  • Seeking Arrangement has a blog that discusses numerous topics, most of which are related to sugar style dating. There are a whole number of tips, including how to find prospects easily and how to stay safe while you engage in sugar dating. On the blog, you will also find advertisements for events that members will be able to attend.
  • Diamond membership is available aside from premium subscription. What this does is it offers sugar daddies and sugar mamas this subscription if they have met specific criteria such as being a member for at least two months and passing a background check. This kind of feature increases functionality.
  • Last but not least, there is a cool video chat feature. This allows people to get the most out of their dating experience. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and when we tried it out for ourselves, we found that it worked pretty well.
  • There were no glitches or errors, and we were able to communicate with people freely.

Profile quality

If you’re wondering about profiles other than the information which you provide during the registration, there are numerous text boxes and fields that you can fill in to make yourself look appealing and attractive to other users. One of the best things is that a user can have a private gallery of pictures which they can show only if they have permitted to another user. Profiles can also be set to private, meaning that someone will have to ask for permission to see them. This is a beautiful feature that guarantees a degree of extra safety to the proceedings. The website also encourages people to fill out their profiles completely, for instance, by giving away profile boosts such as increased site coverage. We think that this really helps to get rid of boring empty profiles and significantly improves user experience.

Profile quality

The mobile application

In general, we found the mobile app to be easy to navigate and well-designed. Everything is very clutter-free, and it does not take any skill at all to use it. One great thing about it is that it considers the older generation, so images and fonts are highly visible, and there is a simple layout. It is also incredibly easy to access all of the features by clicking on simple buttons.

All of the features are the same, whether you log onto the app or use the desktop version. The application helps users search when they are on the go, so it does use your phone’s location. One of the downsides is that it is not currently available for iOS devices, but the company is looking towards implementing this soon.

Safety & security

When you are using the south of this nature, it is essential to consider safety and security. Because there are a lot of users who good morning, these sorts of websites are prone to hack and scammers. Fortunately, the site uses the latest in encryption technology to provide a safe and anonymous service. There have never been any hikes to date, and it is highly unlikely that there will be. In terms of safety and security, we conclude that this is a safe site for anybody to use.


Pricing options are relatively expensive for dating sites. If you purchase a one-month membership, this will set you back by £69.95 a month. We have definitely seen cheaper sites. However, this caters towards a premium market. If you are willing to purchase three months, the cost will drop down to £59.95 a month.


Help & support

One of the best things about the service is that they have an incredibly fast and welcoming support team. They are straightforward to speak with, and when we posed several queries of our own, they were resolved within a matter of minutes. Unlike a lot of other dating websites, Seeking Arrangement does well to facilitate a professional help and support team.


Is Seeking Arrangement Safe?

Speaking Arrangement is a safe service to use. Users are scrutinized, and the company employs help from a third party company to carry out extensive background checks. In doing this, they can rid the service from potential scammers, and you will be pleased to know that there are virtually no scammers operating on the website.

Is Seeking Arrangement a Real Dating Site?

Yes, absolutely! They have been operating for several years and cater to a niche market. It may seem unreal that a cool service like this exists, but it really does.

How to Use Seeking Arrangement ?

Users will find like-minded individuals by searching for them on the website. By doing this, there is a lot of control on the user’s end to find the person they are looking for. Searches can be tailored by using the filter functions, helping to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Forums are also a brilliant place to find like-minded individuals.

Is Seeking Arrangement Free?

When you joined the site for free, you can access and create a profile, search for a match, register, and use the chat services. To get the most out of the website, you will need to become a member. Members can get more privacy options, they will not have advertisements displayed, and they will be able to filter their inbox.

Does Seeking Arrangement Really Work?

Certainly! When we tested out the surface for ourselves, we were able to meet people online within minutes. We also reviewed hundreds of testimonials and spoke to people who use the service, and people indeed speak highly of it.

Does Seeking Arrangement Really Work?


In conclusion, we believe that this site is a perfect platform to safely meet like-minded sugar babies or sugar daddies. It may be slightly on the pricey side, but many premium features and search functions can help you find your match very quickly. The website is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and caters to millions of users worldwide. While it is undoubtedly a niche website, the company do well to facilitate the niche interests of their user base. If you are looking to please or be pleased, this is definitely a site worth using.

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