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Lumenapp Review

Lumenapp Review
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 40-50
Profiles 2 130 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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If you are looking for a perfect dating application that is only good for people above 50 years old, Lumen is the perfect website that you should look out for. It has many features for members to have premium quality conversations with people who are residing in their location. There is a rigorous verification process for the members’ security so that there is no anxiety regarding application usage. It is quite a safe place so that you can create dating connections, and it is having quite a unique approach.

It is quite easy to download the Lumenapp from the mobile device, and it is quite compatible with most of the platforms. According to this website, age is nothing but a number, which is why people above 50 years should also look for the perfect companion. It is perfect for people who are looking for a perfect relationship with commitment and even genuine friendship.

What is Lumenapp

According to Lumenapp reviews, this is a perfect application for serious relationships and marriage for older adults. It is a perfect place to meet and connect with new members so that you can find the perfect partner of your own choice. You need to understand and know about all the pertinent information to make the right choice on this platform.

Lumenapp Review

How does it work?

If you want to have someone who would want to be a partner of your loneliness, you need to register and have a go at Lumen. As Lumenapp say, it is the right platform for older people alone and too shy to interact with the individuals out there. Just download the application and set up your profile in an engaging manner. There are about 150,000 members from the USA itself, and there are about 30000 members every week.


According to Lumenapp review, the registration process is quite straightforward, and you can be agile enough to create a profile within a few minutes. If you want, you can also sync your social media handles like Facebook to be better transparent. If needed, and if you are comfortable, you can use the phone number to register. Always take a note that this website is not like the other dating platforms, which will allow you to make a profile now and then. It has a very stringent policy for verification procedures, and it might take some for all your profile photos to be approved. Also, there is a requirement of selfie verification so that the other members can know that you do not have a fake profile.

In the Lumenapp website, there are two different working mechanisms for registration. You can either sign up with social media handles or the phone number. You can rest assured that your number will not be used for malpractices. The privilege of registering with Facebook is that automatic sync happens, and you do not have to give the necessary information all over again.

It is a simple process that might seem to be a bit complicated because of the strict verification method. If you want to get hold of the blogs and links, you can download the application on your phone.


Design And Usability

The design of Lumen is quite simple and has a tinge of sophistication. It is compatible with all the available platforms and has an elegant appeal, and it is good for all the older adults out there. For example, it comes in a stunning yellow and black background, and the contrast is beyond beautiful. It is quite appealing to the eyes, and the target members get the best advantage. It is good for older people, and the designers have put their heart and soul to bring something different.

According to Lumenapp review, it is compatible with all the mobile devices, and people in the advanced age will connect on the go. Security is another aspect to take care of, and the members will not have to go through any hassle, and it is easy to find the icons and features. The user interface is amazing, and you can find other age group members as well.

Profile Quality

There is quite a lot of detail on the profile, and therefore you will not have any problems finding the other member by checking out the bio. There is availability for six different image spaces where you can put down your best images. The members will be able to check out each other’s photos, stalk the galleries, and the minimum number of photos that you can give is at least three, if not more. The best part is that all the profiles are verified, and there is not even a single fake profile. There is quite a lot of regulation on the profiles so that there is no unfortunate occurrence.

There is no bot as well, and one has to go through the verification process and proper completion of the profile. Many moderators keep a check on the website, and anyone who is fishy or rude will be reported and banned from the site. There is an “about me” section and “I’m looking for” segment that is recommended to be filled to enhance matchmaking chances on this platform.

Guidelines to follow while going for photo verification.

  • The photo should have clarity, and your face should be checked easily.
  • The image should neither be very light or very dark, and there should be a proper balance
  • Make sure that the photographs are recent and not from three years ago
  • The resolution should be up to the mark, and there should be nothing blurry
  • The photos should be of you and not anyone else.
Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

The mobile application of the Lumenapp is up to the mark and is compatible with most of the devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. The page loading time is also small, so you do not have to wait for long. Many new members have come up in September 2020, and it has good competitors like eHarmony and Adultfriendfinder. There is a lot of activity that you can involve, and it will make your life a lot of entertaining.

Safety & Security

There is no problem when it comes to retaining the safety and security of the website. For example, if you put your personal information, there will be no problem with info leakage. Even if you are putting in your monetary details, the site will keep them safe. This website uses SSL, HTML, and end-to-end encryption for all the chats and other info. You have to be careful that you are not talking about your confidential things to any person on this website; otherwise, the responsibility will not be on the platform. Overall, you can understand that Safety and Security are not something you need to be concerned about.

Safety & Security


This website’s price is quite affordable and easy on the pocket, and for a single week, you can go for the best features within only 11 dollars. It is recommended that you go for this pack before the other packages. For a month of premium membership, you have to spend 35.99 dollars. For a period of three months, the total value will be 71.99 dollars, and it can come down to 24 dollars in a single month. For six months, the total payment amount is 100 dollars, which comes down to about 16.67 dollars every month.

The free services are as follows:

  • The download and installation process is going to be completely easy and without any charge.
  • The profile set up is free.
  • There is a free messaging technique, but there will be confinement on the same
  • You can get ten rewinds, which will help you in your matchmaking.

The premium services of the Lumenapp website are as follows:

  • There are many admirers that you can have, and you will be able to check out the people who are admiring you.
  • Put as many filters as you want to find the perfect partner of your own choice. Starting a relationship becomes even more comfortable.
  • Unli rewind is something extra that you will get, you can also have an extension on the messaging service.

Help & Support

If you are having a problem with joining the site because you are afraid you might get stuck. But it is not going to be a hassle because the help and support that you can get are top-notch. Some amazing professionals are always willing to help you out whenever you seek assistance. No matter what problem you have, it is going to resolve soon.

Question & Answer

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can have your doubts resolved about the site.

Is LumenApp Safe?

Most people have been asking whether Lumen is a safe application or not. As you already know the safety features, you know that it will not give you anxiety when you are on this website. There are a lot of security features, so that you do not have to look back.

Is Lumenapp A Real Dating Site?

It is one of the most working dating sites that are good for people over 50 and is the best when it comes to matchmaking for proper committed relationships and serious friendships.

How to Use Lumenapp?

If you want to use Lumen, all you have to do is go for the registration and set up a profile properly. It is all too easy to download the application on any mobile device that you are using and stay connected on the go. You will not encounter any fake profiles, so you can start communicating with any member you like right away.

Is Lumenapp Free?

This is a completely free application, but you will have to go for the paid membership if you want to get through to the exclusive features.

Is Lumen really works?

This application works wonders if you are over 50 and are looking to end your loneliness. It has been able to get many positive reviews, and you can also check out the success stories. According to the first time to reviews, this is the dating application that is easy to handle for older adults. Once you get into this website, it can be very addictive.

Is Lumen really works?


According to the final verdict of Lumenapp review, it is quite suitable for every end of the person who wants to go for something special. It is not a matter of joke that this website has been able to gain 3 out of 5 ratings. As Lumenapp reviews say, you can also try to go for Icebreaker messages and have 72 hours of response time frame. You can also check out and chat with your favorite person an initiate conversation with them, thus leading to a successful relationship.

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