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Fetlife Review 2022: Is The Site A Good Online Dating Platform?

Fetlife Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 23-35
Profiles 8 736 573
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Extremely supportive community
  • Cheap membership
  • Huge variety of kinks
  • Old-fashioned interface
  • Not a streamlined dating site
  • Many users don’t show faces

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What is Fetlife?

Sex fetishes are now a normal and common thing amongst adults. Fetlife.com is an online dating site that caters to individuals who have the not-so-usual thoughts when it comes to sex. It is tailored for you who like exploring and discovering your sexual pleasers.

The platform is tailored for those who are not limited to just the usual sex that we all grew up knowing, or just doesn’t like to stick to the “normal” sex. If you probably have sex fantasies that you practice in secret with your fuckmates, there is a whole community that brings all your fantasies into reality.

The site is more of an online dating website that serves people who are considered kinky:

  • those individuals looking to explore their BDSM fantasies in a safe space, with consent
  • Dominatrix, handcuffs, choking, spanking, foot fetish

Whatever sexual desires you might have, they are on the site. More people now embrace their kinky sex life!

Fetlife is the little kinky heaven. It’s more than just a dating site. It’s a community that brings individuals who are freaky in their sex life. Here they have a platform to have open conversations and talk freely without fear of judgment.

How Does Fetlife Work?

Fetlife Work

Are you frustrated because you cannot find a compatible partner? Do you get kinky, and people find it weird? Well, there is a whole community on Fetlife.com that is as exploitative as you and very open-minded. Welcome to the friends with fetishes group.

It’s an online platform that gives space to people who are looking for likeminded individuals. They are open to connecting on a sexual basis, those with experience, and more curious to explore their sexual fantasies.

The platform gives you an avenue to meet other people with similar kinks online and in real life. If you are not into hookups or meetups, you can watch porn on the site. If you are a kink enthusiast who already knows what turns you on, you had better stop reading this and register on the dating site. You will find your kink tribe on board.


Fetlife Registration

Registration is free of charge! You need to create a profile by filling in your nickname, gender, sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, unsure, or evolving, your date of birth. Users must be of legal age. Your role; submissive, dominant, swinger, minster, princess, slur, cougar, whichever is applicable, the list is endless. Also, your location, email, and password are required.

Once a link is sent to your email, you can log in as a member. You can view other people’s profiles and send them messages.

If you wish to link your social media page to your profile, you can. The more information you put out, the higher your chance of getting matches. You can set your account as public or private. You have power over your profile and the information you choose to share on the platform.

You can join other groups and get your dating groove on.

The Design and Usability of Fetlife

The Design and Usability of Fetlife

Fetlife is just a social media page such as Facebook but full of more life and fun. The website is very straightforward and easy to use, as it’s not cluttered like other kinky websites.

Members have their profiles layered out. You can have access to other users’ profiles, just like any other social media platform. Users have a wall that they can post on and get comments as well. Other users can post on your wall as well. This makes communication easy and open. It’s like a newsreel wall with all updates from users of the website.

  • The explore icon allows you to customize your search depending on your fetish, which saves you on time.
  • You can use keywords such as “dominant nurse” or “submissive cat woman” to have easy access to content that you enjoy.
  • The search engine saves the keywords you use, so you can access the updated videos of the fetishes you favorite.

The design is simple, and the similarity to other social media platforms makes it easy to use. You can send messages, videos, and photos, add friends, follow other users. You can write messages to the public, to other users’ walls, and have endless access to porn videos of your liking.

If you wish to be a part of a group such as swingers members, orgy association, and the like, you can just search the keywords, and a dropdown of such groups will appear. You are free to join any group and participate in a conversation with group members.

Profile Quality on Fetlife

Users have the utmost control over their profiles, just like Facebook. Once you join the site, you can share whatever information without any fear of getting judged or blocked. You can share your opinions and thoughts on your profile.

Members can upload erotic videos and photos of themselves, indicating the kind of kinky activities they are into. You can also join groups such as Ask a Submissive; Ask a dominant to get more insights on the type of fetish you like.

Once you get a following on your profile, you can now start getting notified of current and upcoming events in all areas. Activities range from swinger parties, orgies, meetups, and BDSM lessons. You can check on upcoming events and plan for a meet up ahead. They have locations and dates, and you can post if you will attend or not.

Mobile Application

You can access the platform on your smartphones anytime and anywhere. Users have the privacy of finding matches at the comfort of their phones. The website is open to any browser if you don’t opt for the mobile application.

That is the convenience of the mobile application. All the features are still accessible, and a smooth user experience is 100% guaranteed.

Also, you can always delete the application at any given time and also re-install it again once you wish to rejoin the application.

The platform site is compatible with all mobile phones.

The Safety and Security of Fetlife

All information provided by members is usually encrypted.

Users joining the site use a nickname to protect their real identities. By providing your contact information, the site can update you on new terms or any other essential information.

The use of cookies helps you to stay longer logged in from your devices. The platform never shares your information with third parties as they respect your privacy.

For those with questions, they get responses directly to the emails they signed up with on the site. In case you also notice any fishy profiles, you can report them to the support team.

Pricing on Fetlife

New members get access to some of the basic features of the website. A 7 day trial period with all premium features is an incentive to new members.

Premium members have different packages. You can pay $30 for six months, $60 for one year, and $120 for two years. Lifetime members pay a one-off fee of $240. With the premium account, you can see members who visit your profile.

The prices are relatively low in comparison to other sites.

Fetlife Help and Support

Fetlife Help and Support

Members are assured of competent and immediate responses to their inquiries. You can send in your request to the support center and get attended to in just a few minutes. The response is sent to the email you currently use to log into the site by the tech support group.

You can report any suspicious activities on profiles on your news feed to the support team. It will reduce the number of scammers and fake accounts on the site.

In case you organize an event, and you want to change details such as dates and locations, you can always contact the support team to initiate the changes.


Here are some of the most important questions that new users ask.

Is Fetlife Safe?

Is Fetlife Safe?

All information is encrypted, and if a member deletes any, the servers also delete the same. So there is no record kept.

The application guarantees that your information will be private. Users have control over their profiles. They choose the photos to upload, the information to put on their bio. The block button allows members to block other users who harass them. You can also report suspicious profiles. Yes, Fetlife safe.

Is Fetlife a Real Dating Site?

Absolutely. It is an online platform used by millions of people, boasting a fantastic reputation in the industry.

Is Fetlife Free?

Yes. Registration is free on the application. Basic users can still access the basic features of the site. You can choose to upgrade to a premium account if you wish to unlock other features. It is worth your coins.

How to Use Fetlife

Head over to the parts of this article, where we explained how the website works.

Does Fetlife Work?

Does Fetlife Work?

It works depending on your intentions on the dating site. If you are looking for a hookup, online flirt, long term relationship, dating, you can always find a match with similar intentions on the application. You just need to state the intention of your bio to get similar matches. Kinky individuals always meet up for educational purposes. It is an online community that has a huge following, and everyone finds their match.


Fetlife is a community that aims at bringing together individuals with kinky and bondage fetishes together. They unite and learn from each other on ways to play safely, while exploring their fetishes. Lessons are organized during the events that the group organizes.

For individuals who love social media such as Facebook, this platform offers similar traits. It’s a social platform run by kinky people. You can upload videos, photos, check what other users are posting on their end, comment on their posts, and once you gather a relative amount of friends in your locality, you can start organizing events. It’s a way of bringing togetherness.

If you are into swingers, orgy, or threesomes, you get a chance to attend such activities and live out your fantasies in real-time. The site doesn’t discriminate on one’s sexuality or position. You could be a dominatrix, submissive servant, and still have your fun in a safe space.

The information of members is encrypted, so this ensures that it’s always protected. No third parties can access your personal information. Members can make contributions anonymously on the site as no one has to know about your association with a kinky group. Users can post any kind of content without the fear of leakage.

Members are not limited to the kind of information they share; however, you should follow the rules to avoid getting your account suspended.

Overall, Fetlife.com is a good dating platform, and it is definitely worth your time. Try it today!

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