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BBPeopleMeet is the top dating service for plus-size people. Nowadays, we all talk a lot about equal rights for people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and body types. When it comes to dating platforms, they are often misrepresented. It is the reality, and BBPeopleMeet aims to change the situation. This niche should get more attention. Let’s admit that an ideal match on almost all dating platforms is a beautiful, young, slim lady or a handsome man with a six-pack body. If you do not fit these strict standards, you are out. People with average or untypical appearance do not feel self-confident or attractive. BBPeopleMeet was created to change this sad situation in the dating industry. In our review, we are going to discover if their intentions are successful and bring positive results.

BBPeopleMeet is a comfortable online space where big, beautiful, and self-confident people can meet and build love and friendship. The body-positive movement is on the top of its popularity, and this dating community supports it fully. You will find a lot of curvy women and men with gorgeous bodies who are looking for serious long-term relationships or fun hookups.

User Structure

User-Friendly Interface

By the same, the owner of BBPeopleMeet is the same as It is a powerful group that purchases inclusive online communities. It can assure you that the service is reliable and it is an excellent reason to give it a try. In our detailed review, we are going to check whether BBPeopleMeet is worth our attention and money in terms of connecting members of all body types and shapes.

Everyone can try the services of BBPeopleMeet for free, but it is quite a limited version. You are allowed to browse the main Feed, check users’ profiles, but the possibility of sending private messages to interesting people is not available for free members. The free version of the platform functions as a light demo-version. It is designed for new members who want to check the potential matches. It is a way to scan the popular online area and make the final decision whether to join as a paid member or continue the search.

If you upgrade your profile to the full paid version, you get access to private messages. It opens you possibilities to find real dates, checking top profiles, adding members to the favorite list, sending flirts, posting comments, and keep an eye on who likes your profile.

What Are The Prices At BBPeopleMeet? If you want to access the full BBPeopleMeet version, you will have to pay 14.99 USD per month. The six-month subscription plan costs 35.76 USD. As you can see, it makes sense to purchase a long-term subscription plan, if you want to save money. After comparing the services with similar dating platforms, we can assure you that the site is affordable. Even the free version is excellent. Let’s hope that the number of possibilities will increase in the nearest future.

What Is Age/Gender Distribution?

The site statistic claims that most of the users are over 30 years old. As for the gender ratio, it is more or less 50/50. The site is popular between both ladies and guys. The choice is unbelievable.

Are There Fakes/Scammers?

It is challenging to find a dating site that is 100% fake-free. However, BBPeopleMeet has an excellent reputation. The secret is very professional and tight verification rules. When you do a registration process, you have to provide a couple of photos of yourself. Every new member will have to undergo verification performed by the administrator. Not all accounts get approved. That is why we do not recommend you to use stock photos from the internet. By doing this, you have no chances to accomplish the registration. The process of verification takes a bit of time. The admin needs around three hours to check the data and make his decision.

User-Friendly Interface

User Structure

If you compare user-interfaces of BBPeopleMeet and, you will find a lot of similarities. We all start with the homepage, where a new member can set his or her gender/age/sexual preferences. In the beginning, you get access to the free demo version, which you can use for free. The first thing it is recommended to do is to check the profiles. If you find them interesting, do not hesitate to register for the full site version.

What needs a bit of improvement is the design of BBPeopleMeet, which looks out-of-dated. You can feel the influence of Match. The developer should work on the personal style of BBPeopleMeet. Modern users have high expectations in terms of visual appeal. Anyways, this body-positive dating platform is focused on results.

How To Sign Up To The BBPeopleMeet Platform?

Users face no problems registering on the site. The entire process goes fast and will not take longer than five minutes. There are a few forms to fill out. You are requested to provide general personal information. Note that you can’t skip this step. These additional questions are a part of the verification process. Every field in the registration form is mandatory. If you want your user profile to be approved by the administrator, you must devote some time to this step. It is essential to mention that BBPeopleMeet has neither personality tests nor compatibility indicators. Only personal descriptions are the keys to find a match. It is necessary to upload a minimum one image of yourself to accomplish verification. At the same time, you should overload your profile with pictures. The limit is 30 photos. This rule works even for paid subscriptions. The required information must include your current location, username, password, date of birth, and your valid email. After the registration you get access to compatible matches, but you have to answer additional questions. You will find these features in the “Personality Questions”/”Top Interests” sections.

How To Contact Other Members?

To start looking for potential matches, you have to refer to the Feed. You can filter people by an online/offline status, usernames, keywords, etc. The site mechanism can analyze content on people’s profiles and find the mentioned keywords. You can apply additional filters, for example, age, gender, or ethnicity.

In order to send a flirt/message, you have to purchase a subscription plan. You do not have to pay to preview profiles. It gives you the freedom to decide if you like the service or not. The site has incredible chat rooms. Each room is focused on people’s location and interests. It is a very creative space where you are encouraged to share your romantic experiences, discuss upcoming events, etc. We think it is crucial to have a clear idea of what your potential date feels about religion, politics, music, movies, etc. It is the way to get to know each other better before the date in real life.

BBPeopleMeet Profiles Quality

BBPeopleMeet Profiles Quality

Every BBPeopleMeet profile includes general information about a user: current location, age category, sexual orientation, hobbies, and interests. Before you get your photo approved by a moderator, your profile is invisible to the community. If you want to enjoy interactions with new people, you can do it by means of flirts and direct messages. These options are available in the full version of BBPeopleMeet.

Every profile has several sections, which include a user’s presentation, interests, message drafts, additional questions for advanced search, etc. Note, you can check a user’s profile without sending a private message to him or her. You can use the option of Status Update to see members who are online right now. If you take BBPeopleMeet seriously and want to find long-term relationships, you have to fulfill all boxes and provide valid answers.

Mobile Application

BBPeopleMeet is a rare dating platform in which apps for Android or iOS were not banned. The application looks the same as its desktop version and offers the same features. After downloading and installing the app to smartphones or tablets, members can check the feeds, read/write private messages, send flirts, and update their profile. The app has the same restrictions as the desktop version. It does not allow interaction between users unless they purchased a premium subscription plan. In terms of features and design, the BBPeopleMeet application is the same as the desktop version. Think about which option is better for you.

Privacy And Security

The BBPeopleMeet service is free from scams. Such great results are achieved thanks to the limitations free users face. You have to pay for the services to send private messages. This minimizes the risks of meeting a lot of scammers on the site. The registration and verification algorithm is too complicated to scammers, and they stay away from BBPeopleMeet because they do not want to struggle. The only thing which makes us doubt is data storage at BBPeopleMeet.

As you know, the BBPeopleMeet site belongs to the PeopleMedia Group. All their sites get monetized with numerous advertising. Of course, it is not a positive thing. You have to pay for the services, so why does the site make extra money by posting annoying advertisements. It is a sign of free and unreliable dating sites. Some members claim that the website can use personal data in order to attract advertisers. Let’s hope the company does not disclose the ownership of the personal data. However, it is not pleasant to realize that your profile can be used for plenty of targeted ads. We do not mind to see advertisements on a free site version, but a paid version is supposed to be free from ads. Let’s hope that the site will change its policy and will start respecting members’ privacy.

BBPeopleMeet: Chance To Find A Match

BBPeopleMeet is famous for its friendly members. The community is very positive. It is rare to find members of the site who are boring about appearance. Usually, users receive plenty of compliments. Only skinny people may hear the comments that they should not register here. They do not say it in an offensive way, so do not worry about such comments. Remember that the community is body-positive. As a rule, it does not take a long time to find exciting matches. The process of communication goes smoothly and positively. We guarantee that the experience will be satisfactory and positive. It goes without saying it is a rare site that works perfectly. It is a beautiful community which you should discover for yourself.

What Are The Matching Algorithms?

BBPeopleMeet gives its members freedom on the platform. Do not expect to get pre-select matches. You can find your match yourself according to your preferences and expectations. To make the search more accessible, the site provides you with filters, where you can determine a location, gender, status, and ethnicity. Try to provide realistic data. It is the only way to find people who fit your preferences. By faking the information, you will never find what you want. Stay honest, and people will feel it straight away.


People Media is proud of BBPeopleMeet. They presented one of the best dating communities where everyone feels confident in her or his beauty. The site is professional enough to deal with the target market. The site succeeded in creating a perfect environment to find matches for a specific group of people who do not meet the standards. BBPeopleMeet has a lot of successful attempts in the dating industry. It is a cheerful area for big and lovely people who dream of finding love and friends. It is a real representation of how our society should treat people. Love and friendship are about personalities and souls, and not the size of the body. It is true that the BBPeopleMeet site requires a bit of money investment, but you will get a lot of returns. You will appreciate your experience in the BBPeopleMeet community. It has nothing in common with numerous mainstream online dating platforms, which are full of fake accounts and scammers. It is time to enter the world of beautiful and curvy people with big hearts. Good luck with finding your big love!